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2011-02-11 15:59:27 by CheshiresNeonKitten

finally uploaded my flash animation!!! 8D yays lol.. well anyways i might have more up in a few weeks or i might upload some drawings i have done lately.. just gotta color them first x] ahaha so happy i got tht up to so long xD

Making my own flash video I hope that I can post it. The only part that is the problem is that I cant post it when i totally finish it. stupid schools and blocking sites. lol. well hopefully i can transfer it onto a CD or something so i can post it while im home. xP


2011-01-23 18:40:47 by CheshiresNeonKitten

I have run out of ideas... I need something to draw D: anyone have any ideas? i really need soemthing to draw im just so bored >.<